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Any wedding where the groom gives his future wife the gift of 9mm ammo is all right by me. Entertaining, yes - but also meaningful, because it was for a much-anticipated, sweet little James Bond-esque Walther PPK that was recently passed down to Bridget by her father. This was just one of the many heartfelt moments that made this day truly special for everyone. It was[...]

I loved so much about this wedding - the large family with so many beautiful children, the heartfelt ceremony, the well thought-out details, the surprise groom's cake - but most of all, the couple. Sharon and John are such lovely people, and it was an honor to document their amazing day. They found me via the talented team at Glass Slipper Weddings (thanks, ladies![...]

It was the perfect day for Nick and Laura. It started by getting ready at their respective long-time homes in beautiful Pennington, New Jersey. They were married at the same lovely church where her parents wed. The reception was at beautiful Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope, PA. Even though the weather kept all of us on our toes (we saw it all - sun, rain, lightning, cl[...]