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Any wedding where the groom gives his future wife the gift of 9mm ammo is all right by me. Entertaining, yes - but also meaningful, because it was for a much-anticipated, sweet little James Bond-esque Walther PPK that was recently passed down to Bridget by her father. This was just one of the many heartfelt moments that made this day truly special for everyone. It was[...]

It's no surprise to my friends and clients that I have a tendency to tear up during heartfelt moments - and sometimes it takes everything in my power to stay focused when I'm working. It was nearly impossible during Maurie and Nikki's amazing Unionville Vineyards celebration. From the "unplugged" ceremony where everyone was truly present and connected to those around [...]

One of Amy and Jake's goals in planning their wedding was to use all local resources for their vendors - so when they Googled "Hopewell NJ Wedding Photography" they found me (yay for SEO!) I was thrilled when they chose me to photograph their very special wedding at the Historic Hopewell Train Station, because I love this town (my family has lived in and around Hopewe[...]