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Together for twenty-three years, and finally married in the state of New Jersey. A great day, indeed. Unionville Vineyards was the perfect setting for their celebration, in the heart of the beautiful Amwell Valley. These two are so warm and so connected, and have the most wonderful people in their lives. And what a great surprise to realize we have more than a few com[...]

Any wedding where the groom gives his future wife the gift of 9mm ammo is all right by me. Entertaining, yes - but also meaningful, because it was for a much-anticipated, sweet little James Bond-esque Walther PPK that was recently passed down to Bridget by her father. This was just one of the many heartfelt moments that made this day truly special for everyone. It was[...]

It's no surprise to my friends and clients that I have a tendency to tear up during heartfelt moments - and sometimes it takes everything in my power to stay focused when I'm working. It was nearly impossible during Maurie and Nikki's amazing Unionville Vineyards celebration. From the "unplugged" ceremony where everyone was truly present and connected to those around [...]

I would say Rebecca and Shawn had the "perfect day", because it felt like a seamless mesh of ceremony, family, friends, and tradition - but the credit really goes to them, not the "day". Their incredible grace, positive attitude, and willingness to simply roll with the events of the day was simply unreal. As I was driving out my driveway, Becca called to let me kno[...]

These wonderful women are getting married at Unionville Vineyards in September, and I am honored to be a part of their celebration. All I can say is, if I laugh as much during their wedding as I did during their engagement session, I may be more of a distraction than I'm worth! It was so fun introducing them to this little city that I love so much (recently named one [...]