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I'm excited to be back on the wedding blog, with the first of my 2015 weddings! There was so much to love about this day: the most laid back getting-ready ever, dogs everywhere, incredibly kind families, Jenn's endless smile, and a whole mess of hilarious friends. Perfection. I've even forgiven them for hiding in a gazebo during the ceremony:) Many thanks to Lau[...]

So here is a cool story: Dana's Mom saw my work on display at The Boro Bean in Hopewell several years ago, liked what she saw, and saved my business card. Seemingly seconds after Dana announced her engagement to Kevin, Mom called to see if I was available. During our initial meeting, Dana mentioned she was a teacher in a local school district. I asked if she knew my g[...]

This is pretty close to my idea of perfection: Liddy got ready at her home, in an unfussy way. Tim balanced getting ready with assisting with the final preparations at his family home, the place where he would be married in a few short hours. The event was a family project, the result of combined efforts and a true roll-up-your-sleeves attitude from both sides. The ce[...]

Adrienne and Michael are a breath of fresh air. Perhaps that's why they chose to escape the city and have their wedding in lovely Hunterdon County, not far from where Adrienne grew up. Unionville Vineyards had a distinct Brooklyn vibe this day, with awesome bluegrass music by Astrograss, a bright yellow school bus to shuttle guests to and from the hotel, the loveliest[...]