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These wonderful women are getting married at Unionville Vineyards in September, and I am honored to be a part of their celebration. All I can say is, if I laugh as much during their wedding as I did during their engagement session, I may be more of a distraction than I'm worth! It was so fun introducing them to this little city that I love so much (recently named one [...]

I loved so much about this wedding - the large family with so many beautiful children, the heartfelt ceremony, the well thought-out details, the surprise groom's cake - but most of all, the couple. Sharon and John are such lovely people, and it was an honor to document their amazing day. They found me via the talented team at Glass Slipper Weddings (thanks, ladies![...]

I love this family. I've photographed so many milestones for them I can't even count: weddings, new babies, holidays, their business - and I am now proud to call them great friends. They are the kind of clients photographers dream of, They even set their wedding date based on my availability - I saw the "We're engaged!" post on Facebook and within hours received an em[...]

I love the way the Universe works. Greg and I "met" through a photographer's forum, after he posted looking to trade an engagement session for a long weekend rental of his family's Cape Cod vacation home. I replied, along with several others, as I've always loved the Cape - and the idea of using some of the very towns and beaches where I spent summers as an engagement[...]