My portrait photography is centered around the important stuff: love, connection, relationships, personality – in a way that feels authentic and beautiful. Messy hair, real emotion, imperfect expressions, and weekend mornings still in pj’s…the moments you will love now, but will truly cherish in twenty years. This type of session may not appeal to everyone, but I wholeheartedly believe in it and absolutely love the results. I’ll always do shorter family sessions (especially around the holidays, for cards and gifts) but I really love spending a few hours together so it’s really real. I often hear people say “but my 3 year old won’t last for more than 30 minutes…” Trust me. When it’s not stressful or overly contrived, it’s fluid and fun and the time flies by.

It comes down to knowing this: I shoot best what I believe in most…and I’d rather have a lovely coffee table book or beautifully-printed wall art series that creatively tells the story of my true life (messy hair and all) than a perfectly-posed photo in a park that has no real connection to my life. I’d rather make a more significant investment once every 2-3 years than a small investment every year.

Below are a few favorites. As always, I welcome your feedback. For more information or to customize your session, please give a call or shoot me an email. Thanks for having a look.

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