I love Edible Jersey – it encompasses so many things I believe in: beautiful food, attainable recipes, supporting local businesses, educating about farming and sustainability, and leveraging local resources – with quality images to make the pages come alive.

This was super cool – exploring fantastic New Brunswick restaurants, meeting renowned chefs and owners, and photographing impeccably presented dishes and drinks. And I’m proud to say one of my images made the cover! Fall 2015 is the “Drinks” issue – so a Negroni from Clydz, presented by bartender Michael Boccio worked perfectly. I’m definitely putting New Brunswick on the heavy date-night rotation, so I can introduce my hubby to The Frog and the Peach, Due Mari, Stage Left, INC, and Clydz (and I get to eat more of their gorgeous food!) Many thanks to the wonderful chefs and managers who helped orchestrate our sessions – it was such a pleasure meeting all of you.

Not Just a College Town: http://ediblejersey.com/editorial/fall-2015/not-just-a-collegetown/


Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0021


Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0005Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0002Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0001 Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0003

Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0004

Due Mari:

Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0008 Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0009 Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0010

Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0006

The Frog and the Peach:
Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0012 Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0013

Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0011 Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0014


Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0019 Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0016 Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0017 Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0018

Stage Left:
Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0023

Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0025 Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0024Edible Jersey NB Restaurants_0022