I love Edible Jersey – it encompasses so many things I believe in: beautiful food, attainable recipes, supporting local businesses, educating about farming and sustainability, and leveraging local resources – with quality images to make the pages come alive.

This story was great fun – it involved walking the fields with the Bobolink herd (and sampling their wonderful bread and cheese – yum!), witnessing a five hour-old calf stand for the first time at Fulper Farms, and getting up early to photograph morning milking at Hun-Val Farm. Below are a few of my favorites, including some that were not in the issue.

Since the story was published, Hun-Val Farm’s single-origin milk became commercially available – look for it at Hopewell’s Brick Farm Market, Princeton’s Whole Earth Center, and other fine local markets.

The Bottleneck: http://ediblejersey.com/editorial/holiday-2014-editorial/the-bottleneck/


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