This week’s featured project pretty much sums up everything I love about what I do: helping a new business thrive by telling their story in a beautiful way, collaborating with a dynamic, all-in team, and supporting a business within my own community. When The Brick Farm Tavern was gearing up to open last Fall we shot a few food photos and portraits to populate their new website (site designed by local marketing superstars Smith + Manning) and give diners a sneak peek at Chef Greg Vassos’ gorgeous farm-to-table creations. The appeal is obvious: the beautifully renovated farmhouse, the mission, the amazing food, and so much more – but Robin and Jon McConaughy and General Manager Mike Lykens all agreed that in order to completely tell the story, a transparent view behind the scenes was just as important. So, phase two of our project consisted of my spending an evening embedded in the restaurant, to document the operations. Below are a few favorites. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Preview and follow:

Instagram: @brickfarmtavern

And go for a visit: Brick Farm Tavern, 130 Hopewell-Rocky Hill Road, Hopewell NJ

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